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flixumzuege24-umzugsunternehmen-hannoverIn many cases, furniture houses offer a transport service that transports the goods to your home. However, this normally doesn´t take place immediately but only within a few days up to one or two weeks via a fixed route, which also serves other customers. Besides, the cost of a transport service isn´t always favourable. With Flixumzüge24, your newly acquired pieces of furniture, as long as the goods are available directly in stock, arrive at their new home on the same day – starting at 24.90 €! Furthermore, you have the possibility to book our carrying service. Also, our trained team will gladly take care of the assembly of the newly acquired equipment. On request, we can provide you with an individual fixed price, which is adapted to your needs. Our prices are always transparent and understandable for you. Hidden costs are not part of our vocabulary. Flixumzüge24 is your partner for moves and transports in Hanover and greater Hanover area! We are looking forward to your inquiry by phone via 051112284246 or by e-mail via info@flixumzuege24.de.


Flixumüge24 is your moving company from Hanover

flixumzuege24-umzugsunternehmen-hannoverYou made a major purchase at the furniture store, but have no idea how to transport all the new things safely to your home? No problem! In this situation too, Flixumzüge24 is always there for you in Hanover and greater Hanover area! We transport your new furniture quickly and safely to your home. Even without a previously agreed date you can book us – in case you spontaneously overreached yourself at buying furniture. A transporter including driver is generally available to you within three to four hours at the desired location. If your purchase is foreseeable, get in touch with us beforehand, so you don´t have to wait at all.

This makes moving fun – your moving company from Hanover

flixumzuege24-umzugsunternehmen-hannoverOn-site we gain a first impression of the work and time requirements and then create an inexpensive and transparent offer. This service is free of charge and without any obligation. Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time and arrange an initial appointment. You will receive our price offer no later than three working days. Provided you opt for Flixumzüge24, you can then look forward to a relaxed move.

Inexpensive and safe transport in Hanover and greater Hanover area? Sure, of course! With Flixumzüge24 you have a reliable partner at your side. We transport your pieces of furniture and other items quickly and safely to their destination – and at absolute superb price! Even with spontaneous operations, we are happy to provide you with a transport vehicle including driver. If you would like a carrying service, you can simply book this for an extra charge. Just as easy and convenient as this, moving can be!

Your move is rather small, but you still need help? Students, singles and seniors can take advantage of our mini move and save a lot of money! But what does a mini move contain? This is quite simple: We transport your items quickly and reliably from A to B. This is a pure “kerb to kerb transport”. You place the items at the agreed meeting place; we transport them to the desired destination and unload them there. When reserving, however, be aware that the maximum loading time is 10 minutes. Upon request, you can also book our carrying service at a surcharge. Please let us know this ideally at our first meeting. We look forward to your inquiry!


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Your moving company from Hanover

flixumzuege24-umzugsunternehmen-hannoverInexpensive and safe transport? With Flixumzüge24 not a problem! We transport your furniture and other items quickly and reliably to their destination. Even spontaneous transports are possible with us at any time. Flixumzüge24 is your partner for moves and transports in Hanover and greater Hanover area! Please do not hesitate to contact our service team for free and non-binding advice and convince yourself of our services – because only after you are completely satisfied we have fulfilled our task!


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Call us free of charge via Whatsapp or send us your inquiry directly with photos for your move! 01792189553

Private move Hanover and greater Hanover area

flixumzuege24-umzugsunternehmen-hannoverComfortable and safe moving in Hanover and greater Hanover area with Flixumzüge24! We take on the transport including the carrying service as well as the dismantling and assembly of your furniture. Our trained and experienced employees perform your move quickly and reliably – at an absolute superb price! Our pricing is always transparent and comprehensible for you because hidden costs have no place here. Convince yourself of our services and let our friendly service team advice you without any obligation. We would be pleased to visit you free of charge on the spot to get a first impression of the time and work involved. Moving has never been easier!


Furniture transport Hanover and greater Hanover area

flixumzuege24-umzugsunternehmen-hannoverOur moving company takes care of your upcoming transports in Hanover and greater Hanover area anytime. Whether it is a private move, a commercial move, an elderly move or a mini move – we are always on hand and conscientiously take care of this task. Even heavy, bulky or very valuable items are no problem for our experienced moving team! We will gladly take care of the transport from the furniture store to your home. The transport is a matter of pure “kerb to kerb transport”, which means that you place your goods at the agreed place and we deliver it quickly and safely to your destination. Of course, you can also book our inexpensive carrying service upon request.


Household clearance Hanover and greater Hanover area

flixumzuege24-umzugsunternehmen-hannoverHousehold clearance or clearing out are usually associated with a high expenditure of labour and time. Irrespective of whether it´s a private household, a business, an overcrowded cellar or an attic – we tackle it! We are aware that a household clearance is often emotionally charged and isn´t always easy for those responsible. Therefore we offer you our fast and professional support. But how does the whole thing take place? It’s simple: you get in touch with us; we arrange an appointment for a free first inspection and then give you a fixed price. The evacuation takes place on the agreed date within a few hours, in which all useless items are disposed of by us in a professional manner. The subsequent handover of course is broom-clean. Flixumzüge24 is your reliable partner for household clearance and clearing out in Hanover and greater Hanover area!


We advise you personally, by telephone or by e-mail

flixumzuege24-umzugsunternehmen-hannoverFlixumzüge24 will advise you at any time free of charge and without obligation! This is possible personally, by phone or by e-mail, depending on how much time you are disposing of. In case of questions or uncertainties, our competent service team will be happy to assist you. Furthermore, we offer a free assessment on site, in order to gain a first impression of the work and time expenditure. Afterwards we can give you a cheap fixed price for our service, since there are no hidden costs! You can reach us by phone at any time by calling 051112284246 or by e-mail at info@flixumzuege24.de. We look forward to your inquiry!