Kerb transport Hanover


Delivery from kerb to kerb

flixumzuege24-umzugsunternehmen-hannover-logo-favAn overall moving assistance isn´t always necessary. Sometimes a simple transport from front door to front door or from kerb to kerb is sufficient. In this case, you simply book one of our transporters, including moving helper and simply place the furniture and other items in front of the door. We then take care of the loading, transport, as well as the unloading at the destination. Hand in hand with your own helpers, you take on the subsequent carrying of the objects to their new place in Hanover or greater Hanover area.

Inexpensive transport without hidden additional costs

flixumzuege24-umzugsunternehmen-hannover-logo-favOur moving company is at your disposal at any time and at absolute superb fixed prices. Our fair pricing is always transparent and easy to understand. Hidden costs have no place her! In the case of a pure kerb transport, the price is, of course, significantly lower than in the case of a carrying service or the dismantling and assembly of furniture and is therefore absolutely affordable. If you nevertheless need our support, you can book this service in good time.

Moving helpers with experience

Flixumzüge24 is your contact for moving and furniture transports in Hanover and greater Hanover area! Our employees are trained on a regular basis and can already show long lasting experience as moving helpers. Particular challenges such as large, bulky or even very valuable pieces of furniture we do receive readily at any time. You can rest assured that your furniture and other fixtures will reach your destination quickly and reliably. If you have any questions or uncertainties, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or e-mail.