Our free campaign for first-time customers

flixumzuege24-umzugsunternehmen-hannover-logo-favFor first-time customers, we have a very special offer from Flixumzüge24: Our free campaign for Hanover and grater Hanover area! What exactly does that mean for you? We endow you with as many moving boxes and moving materials as you need when booking one of our moving services. This saves a lot of time and money!


What do you have to do?

You can easily participate in our free campaign. Book your move quickly and conveniently via Flixumzüge24 and we supply you with moving boxes and related materials. As straightforward as this, moving makes fun!


That’s in there!

With our free moving materials from the free campaign you are perfectly equipped for your upcoming move. And that´s in it:

• Moving boxes
• Clothes boxes
• Bubble wrap
• Stretch film
• Duct tape
• Tissue paper