Mini move Hanover


Mini move for students and single households

flixumzuege24-umzugsunternehmen-hannover-logo-favA mini move is particularly suitable for students or single households, where only a small transport volume is required. This can be, for example, a mini move to a flat-sharing community, a hall of residence, a retirement home, sheltered housing or a women’s home in Hanover or greater Hanover area.

Why hire a moving company?

flixumzuege24-umzugsunternehmen-hannover-logo-favMany people approach their mini move on their own and underestimate the expenditure of a move. Also mini moves are usually associated with work, nervous strain as well as physical exertion, which we gladly relieve you from. Particularly young people like students will certainly recognize themselves in the following situation: As soon as you announce a mini move to your circle of friends, all potential helpers appear to be extremely busy. For those who don´t have the time to move because of work, or who are physically unable to do so, they are faced with a big problem. Equally problematic is a move without a driving license and thus lacking a vehicle. Missing moving equipment can also be a challenge, which requires a professional takeover. We at Flixumzüge24 would like to support you with your move. You can always rely on us: We bring your furniture and items safely from A to B, so you have time for other things soon.

Moving inexpensively- Mini moves in Hanover and greater Hanover area

Our prices for mini moves are unbeatable! Because of the low transport volume, we can offer you a move at a small price, which is affordable for everyone. Our pricing is absolutely fair and transparent, so you don´t have to expect hidden costs. Depending on whether you require additional services, such as dismantling and assembly furniture, a carrying service or the provision of moving boxes, the prices can vary and are then adapted individually. Be sure: With Flixumzüge24 you have the most favourable prices for full performance because your satisfaction is especially important to us. If you have any questions or uncertainties, please don´t hesitate to contact us personally, by phone or by e-mail. We look forward to you!