Elderly move Hannover


Comfortable and reliable – Elderly move in Hanover and greater Hanover area

flixumzuege24-umzugsunternehmen-hannover-logo-favAn elderly move is a special concern for us because this type of move often entails an emotional component. We are absolutely aware of this and therefore offer you our safe and reliable help. Whether it concerns a death, a move to a retirement home or to your own family, an elderly move is always very individual and our services are just as individual. As an experienced relocation company, it is our task to prepare and carry out your relocation quickly and with great care. By means of our first-class and competent service, we would like to make your move easier and take care of all the necessary tasks. This includes not only packing of the moving boxes but also disassembly of the furniture, transport including carrying service, furniture assembly in the new home and, if necessary, the fitting of lamps or curtains. Furthermore, a clearing out of the old apartment by our trained removal team is possible. We offer you an all-included service package at an absolutely fair price!

An elderly move is always personal

flixumzuege24-umzugsunternehmen-hannover-logo-favEveryone has different needs – its fulfilment we set as our goal. From experience, we know that seniors are happy to be present at their move until all the furniture and inventory are stowed orderly. We pay regard to this and will make the move the way it suits you best. In case you have requests or special instructions, you can contact us at any time. Our experienced relocation team from Hanover has a sympathetic ear for you at any time and adapts the services to your personal needs.

Transparent pricing for your elderly move

We at Flixumzüge24 offer you perfect services in Hannover and greater Hanover area at an absolutely fair price. We will be glad to come back to your home to get an overview of the work and time expenditure. This service is completely non-binding and free of charge. With our transparent pricing, you can rest assured that no hidden costs will arise in hindsight. Our prices are made up of the corresponding requirements and can be exactly comprehended by you. Not until you have arrived happily and safely in the newly furnished home, we have reached our goal. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us free of charge at our telephone number 0511 12284246 or our e-mail address info@flixumzuege24.de. We look forward to your inquiry!