Transporter for hire Hanover


Transporter hiring including driver

flixumzuege24-umzugsunternehmen-hannover-logo-favWhoever hires a freight forwarder and instead plans his/her move independently saves money. Even when renting a transporter, you can easily save a few Euros. With our service you can rent a transporter by the hour and be therefore completely flexible. All this including driver – it doesn´t get more convenient! Our offer is also very inexpensive and there are no hidden costs to be expected. Of course, gasoline and insurance are included in the price. Moving straightforwardly in Hanover and greater Hanover area with Flixumzüge24!

Conditions for hiring a transporter

flixumzuege24-umzugsunternehmen-hannover-logo-favBWith Flixumzüge24 you can easily rent a moving van without risk. You may have already compared the offers of large car rental companies. Special offers for vans are constantly offered here – in reality, however, tariffs are much higher. For this reason, you should pay attention not only to the rental price, but also to the contractual terms.
The following points are important when renting a vehicle:

• How many free kilometres are available to you?
• What insurance does the rental price include?
• What risks and liability concern you in the event of damage?
• What requirements does the transport driver have to fulfil?
• What happens when the time is exceeded?
• What damage does the vehicle already have before the rental?

Moving stress-free with Flixumzüge24

flixumzuege24-umzugsunternehmen-hannover-logo-favIn the light of these points, moving and hiring a vehicle can quickly become very stressful. It isn’t so with Flixumzüge24! We take care of this task and offer you a fast and unbureaucratic service. Our vehicles are adapted to your requirements: Whether it’s a sprinter or a truck – we have the right vehicle for your move! We also have a wide selection of moving materials, such as relocation boxes, lashing straps, handcarts, furniture roller or protective blankets, which you can book at any time. This is particularly useful for sensitive or bulky furniture pieces. Of course, such equipment is included in the price and therefore doesn´t incur any extra costs! You can use the material together with the vehicle without restriction.


Our advantages compared with car rental:
• Transporter Iveco incl. driver for only 44.90 € (hourly rate)
• You do not need a driver’s license because the driver is included
• No deposit required
• No return & refuelling of rented transporter
• No cumbersome bureaucratic handling of contracts
• You don´t have long waiting or delivery times
• No time-consuming search for a parking space
• Insurance incl.
• Gasoline incl.

Flixumzüge24 is your partner for moves and transports in Hanover and greater Hanover area! We look forward to your order!